Frames & Lenses

A truly independent optometrist, at Eye Opener we offer our patients the benefits of unique and exclusive optical products of the highest quality and value.

Eye Wear with a Difference

At Eye Opener optometrists, we proudly offer a range of fashion frames featuring stylish and eye-catching designer collections. Many of these ranges are often difficult to find, which is great if you’re looking for something different that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Our staff have vast experience and technical knowledge in matching the right frame with the right lens to minimise distortion and improve your field of vision.

Visit our practice and browse our extensive range at your leisure in relaxed surroundings knowing expert advice is available. Our friendly staff are here to answer all of your questions and to make recommendations to ensure you are buying eye wear perfect for your needs.

Precision Lenses

Being independent, Eye Opener is able to offer patients an exceptional range of high quality lens designs from a wide variety of suppliers. Not all spectacle lenses are made the same, and often there are a number of different solutions and approaches for more complex state-of-the-art lenses such as multifocal and high-index lenses.

Our experienced staff will recommend the appropriate lenses for you, taking into consideration factors such as the visual tasks you are required to do, your prescription and your budget.

Often choosing the right design of lens is just as important as the choice of frame in making your glasses look and function as best as possible.

Special features for Spectacle Lenses

There are a number of ways of making your spectacle lenses thinner, lighter, more adaptable, and of superior optical quality. Our experienced staff will advise which of these are appropriate for you. These include:

  • Anti-reflective lens coatings, which provide clearer vision, especially at night time (for example when driving), and are ideal for computer work as they reduce the glare reflected off the lens surfaces; as a bonus they make your lenses less visible.
  • High index lens materials, optically dense materials that make them significantly thinner, lighter and stronger than conventional lens materials – and block harmful UV light.
  • Aspheric lens designs, which like high index materials not only enable lenses to be made thinner and lighter, but also flatter which further enhances their appearance but more importantly improves optical performance by reducing peripheral distortions.
  • Transitions lenses, also known as photochromic lenses, that automatically darken when exposed to UV light; successive generations of Transitions lenses have increased the speed at which they lighten and darken.

Frames for Men, Women and Children

Looking to buy new frames? View the extensive range of frames available at Eye Opener Optometrists. Stop by our Drummoyne practice and view our range.

Frames for Women

From Classic to Modern, and everything in between. We have a wide range glasses frames to meet your needs from a variety of outstanding manufacturers and designers. With today’s technology in lens design, every pair of lenses is unique to the individual, why not have your frame reflect that uniqueness? We can customize your frame and lens selection to meet your vision and fashion dreams. We select our lenses from the best manufacturers and offer the toughest anti-reflection coatings available.

Frames for Men

From flashy and bold to understated professionalism, we have the frame you need for that social outing or business meeting. From light weight titanium to bold plastics we can match your frame to a fully customized lens to exceed your vision needs while looking great at the same time!

Frames for Children

At Eye Opener Optometrists we take pride in offering a large selection of children’s eye wear. You can choose from frames made of different plastics/zyl which are comfortable on the nose, give an stylish bold look and are available in a wide variety of color choices. We also carry many different metal frames (Flexon, stainless steel, and titanium) which are strong, flexible and can hold up to an active child’s lifestyle. Your child’s safety while wearing their glasses is our priority, so we are sure to display only quality eye wear that we can stand behind.

Sunglasses – Get The Sunglasses You Want at a Price You Can Afford

From health fund fully covered or low out of pocket sunglasses frames and lenses to designer choices, we have a huge selection of fantastic sunglasses frames and lens options to suite your personal style and budget.

Designer Sunglasses

Choose from our exceptional range of designer sunglasses frames including Oakley, RayBan, Wayne Cooper, Nike, Bill Bass, Charles Stone, Domani, Stepper, William Morris, and many more. Add your tailor made lenses and look good and feel even better. Scroll To the base of this page to view just some of the designer brands we carry!

At Eye Opener Optometrists, you can be assured of timely service and excellent eye care. As a major supplier of sunglasses frames in Sydney, we have a wide array of styles to suit any preference. Choose from minimalist, basic styles to high-end, exquisite designer frames. After choosing your favorite design, we can manufacture custom lenses based on your prescription.

All of our sunglasses are of great quality, and great value. We know the importance of both form and function – you want sunglasses frames that match your personal style while allowing you to perform daily tasks efficiently. Depending on your health fund, we can arrange for discounts, no out of pocket lenses and many other benefits. We want to assure you of quality service that makes your life easier.

If you are looking for sunglasses in Sydney, contact us today.

Contact Lenses

Never tried contact lenses or thought they were too hard to handle? Thought they were expensive? Or tried them once and were never really satisfied? Such is the range of contact lens options today there are very few people for whom contact lens wear is not a possibility.

The freedom that contact lenses provide can improve your lifestyle enormously, whether they be for full-time or part-time wear, work or play. Making contacts one of your vision correction options has never been easier or more convenient.

A huge range of Contact Lenses

At Eye Opener Optometrists we offer a huge range of contact lenses, from simple disposables to more complex rigid designs. Our optometrists are highly experienced in prescribing contact lenses and are well credentialed to advise on what is the best solution for you.

If you’re curious about what contact lenses can do for you, ask for a complimentary contact lens test drive at your next appointment.

Help with wearing your Lenses

If you’ve just started wearing soft contact lenses and are looking for a few extra tips on how to insert, remove and clean them, take a look at at our FAQ page for helpful hints and tips.

At Eye Opener optometrists, we stock over hundreds of frames including fashion designer labels, sunglasses, children's frames and frames which are no-gap when claimed through your health fund. We choose good quality frames from reputable suppliers and can offer a manufacturing warranty on all our stock. We look for well-made and functional frames that will express each individual's personality and style.

Our qualified frame consultants will assist you to choose the perfect frame for your needs. Your frame must accommodate the prescribed lens, be well-fitting and comfortable in order for it to provide you with optimum vision.

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